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  • DPT refers to a class of combination vaccines against three infectious diseases in humans: diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. The vaccine components include diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and killed whole cells of the organism that causes pertussis. DTaP and Tdap refer to similar combination vaccines in which the component with lower case 'a' is acellular. Also available is the DT or TD vaccine, which lacks the pertussis component. The Tdap vaccine is currently recommended by the CDC and covers tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. In the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France, the abbreviation DTP refers to a combination vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, and poliomyelitis. In the Netherlands, pertussis is known as kinkhoest and DKTP refers to a combination vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis/kinkhoest, tetanus, and polio. The usual course of childhood immunization in the USA is five doses between 2 months and 15 years. For adults, separate combination vaccines are used that adjust the relative concentrations of their components.

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