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  • 'Les édititions Grasset', formally 'Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle' is a French publishing house headquartered in Paris. It is part of the 'Hachette' group. Founded in 1907 by Bernard Grasset, the company focused on quality literature and has been successful in publishing the works of renown French authors throughout the 20th Century and to this day. In 1954 'Édition Grasset' becomes part of the the Hachette group and is placed under the leadership of Bernard Grasset's nephew, Bernard Privat. A few years later, 'Éditions Grasset and 'Éditions Fasquelle' are joined, and in 1959 Jean-Claude Fasquelle who had been at the head of 'Éd. Fasquelle' since 1954 becomes CEO of 'Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle' (always within the 'Hachette' group). Since 2000 this position is held by Olivier Nora. Grasset's catalog has in excess of 3,500 titles, in French and foreign literature, essays and humanities. Grasset also publishes works aimed at young readers as well as mass produced paperback editions. The company publishes approximately 160 books each year, novel and essays, of which literary pieces cover the better half and the remainder is divided among various collections including these of the Youth sector.
  • The Grasset Editions is a French publishing house founded in 1907 by Bernard Grasset .

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