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  • Entropic Communications is a leading fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets system solutions to enable connected home entertainment. Our technology significantly changes the way high-definition television quality video, or HD video, and other multimedia content such as movies, music, games and photos are brought into and delivered throughout the home. Entropic is a pioneer of key technologies that enable connected home networking of digital entertainment over existing coax and is afounding member of MoCA, a global home networking consortium that sets standards for the distribution of video and other multimedia entertainment over coax. Entropicproducts include: home networking chipsets based on the MoCA standardhigh-speed broadband access chipsetsintegrated circuits, or ICs, that simplify digital broadcast satellite, or DBS, servicessilicon TV tuner ICs. These products allow telecommunication carriers, or telcos, cable multiple service operators, or MSOs, and DBS service providers to enhance and expand their service offerings and reduce deployment costs in an increasingly competitive environment. Entropic'shome networking solutions capitalize on the worldwide conversion of multimedia content from analog to digital. Multimedia content is now easy to store on DVRs, gaming consoles, DVD recorders and PCs. The ability to store this content on various devices has created "islands" of digital entertainment within the home. Our products bridge these islands and allow consumers to access their multimedia content throughout the home. Today, we are the only high-volume supplier of MoCA-compliant chipsets, which can be embedded in a wide variety of consumer electronic devices. Service providers can employ our solutions to offer consumer applications such as multi-room DVR, multi-room and online gaming, PC to TV personal content sharing, and streaming of downloaded movies stored on a PC to any TV. Founded in January 2001, Entropic has assembled a team with vast expertise in video communications, networking algorithms and protocols, system-on-a-chip, or SoC, design, embedded software, mixed signal and RF_IC design, and communications and RF systems. We use our considerable experience with service provider-based deployments to create solutions that address the complex requirements associated with delivering multiple streams of HD video into and throughout the home, while seamlessly coexisting with video, voice and data services using the same coax infrastructure. Entropic's investors include: Anthem Venture Partners; Cisco Systems; CMEA Ventures; Comcast Interactive Capital; Conexant; Cox Communications; The Dow Employees Pension Plan; EchoStar Satellite LLC; Freescale Semiconductor; Focus Ventures; Granite Ventures; Intel Capital; Liberty Associated Partners, LP; Mission Ventures; Motorola; Mototech; Panasonic; Redpoint Ventures; Revolution Ventures; Saints Capital Belvedere, LP; ST; Texas Instruments; Time Warner; Verizon and; YAS Broadband Ventures.
  • Entropic Communications is a provider of semiconductor solutions for the connected home. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, and maintains offices worldwide. The fabless semiconductor company is recognized for inventing the MoCA® home networking technology, creating Direct Broadcast Satellite Outdoor Unit single-wire technology, and developing the industry’s first ARM® processor and OpenGL graphics Set-top box, System-on-a-Chip. Entropic completed its initial public offering on December 7, 2007, listing on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol ENTR.

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