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  • Ernst Loof was an automotive engineer and racing driver from Neindorf, Germany. He contributed to the design of the BMW 328 sports car in the late 1930s. He participated in one World Championship Grand Prix, on 2 August 1953, but he retired with fuel pump failure and scored no championship points. Loof was also a famous motorcycle racer and designer, who scored numerous successes in pre-war years for Imperia of Bad Godesberg and for BMW. He later became one of the founders of the Veritas company, successful in Formula Two with the Meteor racer in the immediate post-war period. The company also built sports cars, mostly BMW-engined, as well as the Panhard-engined Dyna-Veritas cabriolets. Loof was the head designer of the Veritas car he drove in this race. The company had already gone bankrupt by this time, and its assets were purchased by BMW. He was hired by BMW in styling and body engineering and worked there until he retired due to illness. Loof died in 1956 of a brain tumour.

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