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  • The Exopterygota, also known as Hemipterodea, are a superorder of insects of the subclass Pterygota in the infraclass Neoptera, in which the young resemble adults but have externally developing wings. They undergo a modest change between immature and adult, without going through a pupal stage. The nymphs develop gradually into adults through a process of moulting. The Exopterygota are a highly diverse insect superorder, with at least 130,000 living species divided between 15 orders. They include termites, locusts, thrips, lice and stick insects, among many other types of insects. They are distinguished from the Endopterygota by the way in which their wings develop. Endopterygota develop wings inside the body and undergo an elaborate metamorphosis involving a pupal stage. Exopterygota develop wings on the outside of their bodies without going through a true pupal stage, though a few have something resembling a pupa. Ephemeroptera and Odonata also have gradual wing development, this being a plesiomorphic trait. These two orders belong to the paraphyletic infraclass Palaeoptera however, which is not included in Neoptera.

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