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  • The original Fender Bass V was a quirky and unusual electric bass guitar model produced by Fender between 1965 and 1971. It was the world's first five-string bass guitar, a popular concept today. The Fender Bass V is unusual in its dimensions: although it is three inches longer than a P-Bass, the Fender Bass V has only 15 frets. A high C string was added to a combination of traditional Fender body designs. The idea behind the top C string was to enable reading bass players to get to the high notes on the instrument easily, without having to go up the neck. The top note on the instrument is E-flat which is the same top note as a standard 20-fret 4 string Jazz or Precision bass. Originally came with chrome bridge and pickup covers. Players did not accept the Fender Bass V, partly due to its size and shape. Players also had problems with the small amount of space between strings. Only about 1000 Fender Bass V models were produced, before being discontinued in 1971. Surplus bodies were then used in the construction of the Fender Swinger.