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  • Occasionally you may notice that someone has created a duplicate of a topic that already exists under another type, or you yourself might create a topic and then want to delete it. And then there are those extreme cases, where someone has posted spam in the guise of a topic, or something offensive. In all of these situations there's an easy mechanism for rectifying the situation. When you view a topic there is a small Flag menu icon just to the right of the rename button. When you click on this menu there are four options: Delete Merge with Another Topic Split into Multiple Topics Possibly Offensive You can select any of these options but note that flagging a topic doesn't automatically delete, merge, or split it; instead, it adds a header to the topic, as shown below, and puts it into the queue for review. After a period of a few days action is taken based on the community response to the flag. You can find out more about the voting process for flagged topics in the Voting on Flagged Topics topic.

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