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  • Q What is it? FMO CHESS CLUB is a free private online CHESS CLUB requiring membership. Q How do I join? Click on the link on the front page. If no link is present, the club is closed to new membership. Enter an ID and password , valid email address , birthdate and location information. We also suggest, although not mandatory, to join the linked Chess Forum . Q What features does the CLUB have? Online play. PLAY on your own schedule. Choice of playing piece designs and layout styles. Choose type of game: Timed or unlimited (from 15 mins to 14 days between moves). Choose Duration of game from 15 mins to 14 days. CHESS CLOCKS feature TOURNAMENTS. PLAY against other members or the computer MEDAL Awards for gaing certain milestones Credit awards that can be used at the bar games ( and later the Store) RANKINGS based on the official elo chess ranking TOURNAMENT RANKINGS and points TEAM PLAY by state or country, TEAM v TEAM play. separate ranking tables. WATCH OTHER GAMES ANALYZE your own or others' Games using FF/RWD 'vcr' type controls. EXPORT your game moves as a PGN file for analsis in your chess programs. CHESS DATABASE SEARCH AND QUERY FEATURE CHESS FORUM Access CLUB NEWS (BLOG) where our anyone can post news WEEKLY NEWSLETTER distributed to all members CHESS NEWS, PUZZLES and QUIZZES links. FRIENDLY AND LOW KEY FUN FAMILY ATMOSPHERE BEST FEATURE: It is Free!

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