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  • In our ultra-wired environment, we leave countless traces of our online activity. A little bit more of ourselves evaporates each day on the Internet. There exist many strategies to protect our online identities: some involve control, others rely on obfuscation ("drowned" in a sea of information), while still others attempt anonymity. Questioning both digital identity and individual evaluation, Free Influencer allows anyone to control their online identity, while gaining influential weight. If we consider that influence is the link between people, Free Influencer uses people’s declared influences to draw a genealogy of influence. We can declare the people who have influenced us, just as others can declare being influenced by us. Based on this fabric of influence links, Free Influencer converts the number of links into kilograms. For example, considering the number of people whom Marcel Duchamp has influenced, his influential weight is 1336.3 kg. Karl Marx’s influential weight is 7587.6 kg. Free Influencer uses the open-source database Freebase, which allows anyone to create their own profile and declare their influences, as well as create or modify any profile and the influences already declared. To this day, Albertine has only a very small influence of 220 kg!

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