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  • The Freebase Application Programming Interface (API) offers a number of services that enable developers to create their own applications based on Freebase data. The Freebase API is still in development during the Alpha phase, as is our documentation of it, but the services listed below are currently stable. If you have questions about the Freebase API, our Developer's email list is an excellent resource. Common Conventions Common API Query Parameters X-Metaweb-Request Avoid caching problems when using the API Freebase API Services api/status api/version api/service/mqlread api/service/mqlwrite api/service/search api/service/form_upload api/service/form_upload_image api/service/upload api/service/uri_submit_image api/service/uri_submit api/service/create_private_domain api/service/delete_private_domain api/service/touch api/trans/raw api/trans/blurb api/trans/image_thumb api/account/login api/account/logout dataserver/reconciliation api/account/loggedin

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