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  • Ghita of Alizarr is a sword-and-sorcery comic book created by Frank Thorne after he ceased work on Marvel Comics' Red Sonja. The titular character, Ghita of Alizarr, is a barbarian warrior like Red Sonja. The series is composed of two graphic novels, and is usually marked as "adults only" due to nudity and sexual content. Like Sonja, Ghita's generally garbed in an armored bikini, but frequently less than that. Ghita is also raped several times in the series, although by most adult comic standards it wouldn't be considered graphic. The story maintains a classic erotic comic fantasy adventure theme, showcasing Thorne's talent for illustrating "pinup-style" warrior women and detailed settings. Even with the sexual nature of many scenes, the series is generally considered erotic as opposed to pornographic. Wikipedia

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