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  • Goats is a popular webcomic written and illustrated by Jonathan Rosenberg. The webcomic started April 1, 1997. On April 3, 2006, after nine years drawing the strip, Rosenberg became a full-time cartoonist making his living drawing Goats. Because of recent work on Scenes from a Multiverse, he has put it on hiatus. In 2012 Rosenberg raised more than $55.000 via Kickstarter to print Goats Book IV, relaunch the website and finish the story with Goats Book V. More than two years later 71 comics and all ebooks have been republished, while Kickstarter backers have yet to receive any merchandise. Goats follows a plot surrounding the adventures of Rosenberg's cartoon alter ego, along with his friend/drinking buddy Phillip, and many characters including animals, celebrities, aliens and villains. Most of the strips are separated into story arcs, which have very different, though still coherent, plots. Except for the time that the world was destroyed, all of the strips fit into one continuous timeline. The strip originally took place entirely in Manhattan, New York, and mostly within either Jon and Phillip's apartment or their favorite bar.