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  • The Gula Iro language is a Bua language spoken by some 3,500 people north and east of Lake Iro in southern Chad, between the Bola and Salamat rivers. It has four dialects, according to Pairault: páṭóól, the northernmost and the least comprehensible to speakers of the other dialects, spoken in and around Badi; pòŋààl, by the north shore of the lake, spoken in and around Boum Kabir, Boum Sarher, and Tordjigel; tɩ́ààlà, spoken east and south of the lake, including Kouré, Bouni, Tormorhal, and Masidjanga; tííṭààl, the easternmost, spoken in various villages west of Tamba; to which SIL adds a fifth, Korintal, spoken in Tieou. Gula Iro is very closely related to Zan Gula and Bon Gula, but they are not mutually comprehensible.

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