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  • The Gulf Coast League is a minor league baseball league that operates in Florida. It is a rookie league, and together with the Arizona League forms the lowest rung on the minor-league ladder. The league plays a 60-game season that runs from mid-June to late August. Teams in the league are divided into four divisions, East, Northeast, Northwest, and South. The four division winners play in a one-game semifinal; the team with the best regular-season record plays the division winner with the lowest record, while the division winner with the second-best record plays the division winner with the third-best record. Should the Northeast and Northwest Divisions finish 1st and 4th, the semifinal matchups place 1st vs. 3rd and 2nd vs. 4th. The semifinal winners meet in a best-of-3 game series for the Gulf Coast League championship. GCL teams generally play at the minor league spring training complexes of their parent major league clubs, and are uniformly owned by those parent clubs. The teams generate little if any revenue, as admission is not charged and no concessions are operated.

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