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  • The Harold C. Urey Prize is awarded annually by the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. The prize recognizes and encourages outstanding achievements in planetary science by a young scientist. The prize is named after Harold C. Urey. Urey Prize Winners: 1984 David J. Stevenson 1985 Larry W. Esposito 1986 Jack Wisdom 1987 Steve Squyres 1988 Jonathan I. Lunine 1989 Christopher P. McKay 1990 David J. Tholen 1991 Richard P. Binzel 1992 Jack J. Lissauer 1993 Roger Yelle 1994 Karen Jean Meech 1995 Emmanuel Lellouch 1996 Heidi B. Hammel 1997 Renu Malhotra 1998 Erik I. Asphaug 1999 Douglas P. Hamilton 2000 Alessandro Morbidelli 2001 Michael E. Brown 2002 Brett J. Gladman 2003 Robin M. Canup 2004 Jean-Luc Margot 2005 David Nesvorny 2006 Tristan Guillot 2007 Francis Nimmo 2008 no award 2009 Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay 2010 Jonathan Fortney 2011 Eric B. Ford 2012 Alberto G. Fairen 2013 [Anders Johansen]

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