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  • In mathematics, the Hilbert–Smith conjecture is concerned with the transformation groups of manifolds; and in particular with the limitations on topological groups G that can act effectively on a manifold M. Restricting to G which are locally compact and have a continuous, faithful group action on M, it states that G must be a Lie group. Because of known structural results on G, it is enough to deal with the case where G is the additive group Zₚ of p-adic integers, for some prime number p. An equivalent form of the conjecture is that Zₚ has no faithful group action on a topological manifold. The naming of the conjecture is for David Hilbert, and the American topologist Paul A. Smith. It is considered by some to be a better formulation of Hilbert's fifth problem, than the characterisation in the category of topological groups of the Lie groups often cited as a solution.