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  • How Do You Want Me? is a British television sitcom, produced by Kensington Films & Television, written by Simon Nye, and directed by John Henderson. Dylan Moran starred as naïve urban man Ian Lyons, who recently eloped with country girl Lisa Yardley. At the show's start, after a year living in London they move to the village of Snowle, where her unpleasant father breeds turkeys. He and most of Lisa's family take a dislike to Ian, and much of the comedy comes from how Ian copes with life with her family and village life in general. Life is also complicated by Lisa's ex-boyfriend Derek, who still carries a torch for her. The series' title is a reference to the trade Ian takes up within the village, buying the business of the local photographer despite having no formal training in photography. Photography plays an important part within the stories; the beginning of series one shows Ian and Lisa outside a country church having wedding photos taken; this is then shown to be a staged event arranged by Lisa's family due to their unhappiness at them eloping and marrying abroad prior to the series starting.

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