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  • Under the terms of our licensing policy, we ask that anyone using a topic description that originates from Wikipedia to attribute that description to Wikipedia. You can find out whether a description is contributed by a user, or comes from a Wikipedia topic, by examining the /common/document/source_uri property for the topic description, using either the Freebase Web client or through a MQL query. Using the Freebase Web Client Go to a Freebase topic. For this example let's look at Hortense Ellis, who has both a user-contributed and Wikipedia description associated with her topic. Press F8 to open the Developer Toolbar in your browser. Click Explore. Under Outgoing properties you'll see two outgoing properties for /common/article/topic, one created by mwcl_wikipedia_en, the other created by /user/jimobasa/. Click on the guid for either article to view the Explore page for that article. For example, click /guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000000471de2 to view the Explore page for the mwcl_wikipedia_en article. For the /common/document/source_uri property you'll see http://wp/en/1194195 (/type/uri). The wp indicates that this article content originated from Wikipedia. Note this this is a "psuedo-URI" that does not resolve to an actual Wikipedia article; to create a link back to the original article, re-insert the ID number at the end of the URI into a URL in this format: Using a MQL Query The following MQL query retrieves the GUID for an article description, then examines the /common/document/source_uri property for that GUID. If the /common/document/source_uri property contains a wp, as shown in the example in number 5 above, then it is a Wikipedia article. Note that this query is formulated to retrieve multiple results so that, as in the case of Hortense Ellis, if there's both a user-contributed and Wikipedia descriptive article for that topic, it will retrieve both of them. { "id": "/en/hortense_ellis", "/common/topic/article": [{ "id":null, "/common/document/source_uri": [] }] } The same MQL sytax can be inserted into more complex queries to retrieve the /common/document/source_uri information. The example below retrieves 25 songs with the word "love" in the title, as well as the artist who recorded it and the album on which it appeared, along with the GUID of the article description for the album, and the /common/document/source_uri information for that album description. [ { "album": [{ "artist": [ ], "name": null, "/common/topic/article": [{ "id":null, "/common/document/source_uri": [ ] }] }], "limit": 25, "name": null, "name~=": "Love*", "type": "/music/track" } ]

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