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  • Though the information in Freebase is free for anyone to use, our licensing policy requires that you provide attribution to Freebase for any Freebase data that you use, and, in the case of images that have been uploaded under CC-By and GFDL, that you that you credit the rights holder. In the case of individual images it's fairly easy to determine the original rights holder, but if you've created an application, for example, that retrieves batches of images from Freebase, you'll need to use MQL to find the information you need to provide the proper attribution and links. With images, it's only necessary to give attribution to the license holder if the image has been uploaded under a CC-BY or GDFL license. If the image has been uploaded under Fair Use or Public Domain, then you're free to reproduce it with providing any further information. Using the Freebase Web Client Go to a Freebase topic, and click on the image that you want to reproduce. On the image topic page, scroll to the very bottom and you will see the license information. On the same page, Rights Holder (user/topic) will contain a link to the rights holder's topic in Freebase, while Rights Holder (text attribution) will contain the rights holder's name. Using a MQL Query The query below retrieves the name of the rights holder for any image associated with the topic in id (here, /en/ardbeg), as well as the license information for that image and the ID of the image itself. Note that "optional": true is used for the rights_holder portion of the query so that if there's no value for this property, the rest of the image information will be returned. Also note that in most cases /common/image/rights_holder_text_attribution information will only be entered in rare cases where the value for /common/image/rights_holder could not be parsed from the image source information. [ { "/common/topic/image": [ { "/common/image/rights_holder": { "name": null, "optional": true }, "/common/image/rights_holder_text_attribution": [], "/common/licensed_object/license": [], "id": null } ], "id": "/en/ardbeg" } ] After running this query, you will need to programmatically parse the results to determine which images are fair use, public domain, GNU Free Documentation License, or Creative Commons (by). Note that an image could have been uploaded under different versions of CC-BY, such as Creative Commons (by-sa) 2.0. Run the query above with "id": "/en/ben_stiller" to see an example. The image query can also be used as part of a more complex query to retrieve image information from a set of results. In the example below, 25 topics about musical albums with tracks that contain the word "love" in the title are retrieved, along with license, license holder, and ID information for the images associated with the topics. [ { "album": [ { "/common/topic/image": [ { "/common/image/rights_holder": { "name": null, "optional": true }, "/common/image/rights_holder_text_attribution": [], "/common/licensed_object/license": [], "id": null } ], "artist": [], "name": null } ], "limit": 25, "name": null, "name~=": "Love*", "type": "/music/track" } ]

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