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  • Huor is a character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He was introduced in The Silmarillion as a hero of Men during the First Age. Huor was a grandson of Hador of the Third House of Edain, and lived in the Hadorian fief of Dor-lómin in Hithlum. His father was Galdor the Tall and his mother Hareth of the Haladin, and he had an older brother Húrin. Both brothers were fair of face and golden-haired, but while Húrin was shorter than his kin, Huor was "the tallest of all the Edain save his son Tuor only, and a swift runner. ... There was great love between the brothers, and they were seldom apart in their youth." In the Year of the Sun 458 of the First Age Huor and Húrin lived with their uncle Haldir in the forest of Brethil, when they joined a war party against Orcs. The brothers ended up in the Vale of Sirion, and were cut off from their company and chased by Orcs. The Vala of Waters Ulmo caused a mist to arise from the river, and the brothers escaped into Dimbar. There two Eagles picked them up, and brought them to Gondolin. King Turgon of Gondolin welcomed the brothers, remembering Ulmo's prophecy that the House of Hador would aid Gondolin in their time of greatest need.