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  • IEEE Internet Award is a Technical Field Award of the IEEE that was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in June 1999. The award is sponsored by Nokia Corporation. It may currently be presented annually to an individual or up to three recipients, for exceptional contributions to the advancement of Internet technology for network architecture, mobility and/or end-use applications. Awardees receive a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium. The recipients of the award have been the following people: 2000 - Paul Baran, Donald W. Davies, Leonard Kleinrock and Larry Roberts 2001 - Louis Pouzin 2002 - Steve Crocker 2003 - Paul Mockapetris 2004 - Raymond Tomlinson and David H. Crocker 2005 - Sally Floyd 2006 - Scott Shenker 2007 - not awarded 2008 - Mike Brecia, Ginny Travers, and Bob Hinden

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