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  • Iizaka was a town located in Date District, Fukushima, Japan. The town is situated in the north part of Fukushima City. As of April 1, 2006, the town has an estimated population of 23,314. Iizaka is best known for its many onsen, most notably Sabakoyu Onsen, a public bath located downtown and reminiscent of similar onsen of the Edo period. Iizaka is one of the most famous onsen towns in the Tōhoku region with over 70 hotels and ryokan along the banks of the Surikami River devoted to the enterprise. The ruins of Otori Castle, built by the Sato family, in the 12th century and Ioji Temple are also located in Iizaka. Ioji Temple contains a "kuyo-to", a verticlal slab stone monument, which has been declared an Important Prefectural Cultural Asset. The castle grounds are now a park. Ioji Temple was originally founded by Kōbō-Daishi, the founder of the Buddhist Shingon sect, in 827. A Yakushi Nyorai made by Kōbō-Daishi has been enshrined inside it.

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  • いいざかまち
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  • 飯坂町 ja
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