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  • The Islamic Unity of Afghanistan Mujahideen, also known as the Seven Party Mujahideen Alliance or Peshawar Seven, was an Afghan organization formed in May 1985 by the seven Afghan mujahideen parties fighting against the Soviet and Democratic Republic of Afghanistan forces in the Soviet-Afghan War. The alliance sought to function as a united diplomatic front towards the world opinion, and sought representation in the United Nations and Organisation of the Islamic Conference. The constituents of the Peshavar Seven alliance fell into two categories, the political Islamists: Khalis faction, Hezbi Islami, Jamiat-i-Islami, and Islamic Union for the Liberation of Afghanistan, and the traditionalists: National Islamic Front for Afghanistan, Afghanistan National Liberation Front, and Revolutionary Islamic Movement. All of the groups were Sunni Muslims, and all were majority Pashtun except Jamiat-i-Islami, which was predominantly Tajik. Another, smaller but dominant Mujahideen alliance, was composed of mainly Shi'a Muslims. It was named the Tehran Eight - an alliance of eight Shia Afghan factions, supported by Iran.

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