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  • Sir James Outram was a British clergyman, who made many first ascents in the Canadian Rockies in the early 1900s. Outram was born in London, England, the son of Sir Francis Boyd Outram, Bart. of India fame. He was educated at Haileybury College and Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he gained his degree of Master of Arts. He came to the Canadian Rockies in 1900, and devoted himself to Alpine pursuits for some years, making his headquarters in Calgary. He ascended the hitherto unclimbed Mount Assiniboine in 1901. He contested for first ascents the highest summits of the Rockies with J. Norman Collie, including the pursuit of the mythical giants Hooker and Brown. His climbing accomplishments include: 1900 - ascent of Cascade Mountain 1901 - first ascent of Mount Assiniboine 1902 - first ascents of Mount Bryce, Mount Columbia, Mount Forbes, and Mount Wilson. Outram wrote a book about his adventures called In the Heart of the Canadian Rockies, first published in 1905 and several magazine articles, all dealing with mountaineering. In 1920, Mount Outram in Banff National Park was named in his honour.

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