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Also known as
  • Jean-Guillaume-Barthélemy Thomières
  • Jean Guillaume Barthélemy Thomières
  • Jean Guillaume Barthélemy Thomières
  • Jean Guillaume Thomiéres became a captain in a Volunteer Reserve Regiment, served on the field command of the East Pyranees Army, 1793 - 1795. He was transferred to the Italian Army field command as field adjutant to the future Marshal Victor in 1797 and he took part in all the important battles in the Italian Campaign, 1795 to 1797 and 1799 to 1801. He was an Officer in the Great Army in 1805 and field adjutant to Lannes from January 1806. He was Promoted to Brigadier General in July 1807, and transferred to the 1st Observation Corps of Gironda in October, replacing General Pierre-Etienne Petitot, who was killed on 7th September. He was wounded at the battle of Vimeiro and returned to France in 1808. He returned to Spain and participated in the battle of La Curuña in 1809. In June he became an Imperial Baron, and continued to serve in Spain under General Kellermann. He was transferred to the "French Army of Portugal" and took part in the 3rd invasion of Portugal,.In 1812 he continued to serve in the "French Army of Portugal" under Marshall Marmont, comanding the 7th division which he led at Salamanca, where he was killed.
  • Jean Guillaume Barthélemy Thomières was killed in action at Salamanca while commanding an Imperial French infantry division. He joined the army of the First French Republic in 1793 and fought the Spanish. He transferred to the Army of Italy in 1796 and was present at the battles of Dego, Mondovi, Lodi, Bassano, and Arcole. In 1800 he fought at Montebello and Marengo as an aide-de-camp to Claude Perrin Victor. In 1806 Thomières joined the staff of Marshal Jean Lannes and served in Prussia and Poland. He received promotion to general officer in July 1807. He participated in the 1807 invasion of Portugal. On 20 August 1808 he was wounded while leading his brigade at Vimeiro. He led a brigade at Corunna, Bussaco, and Fuentes de Onoro before being appointed to head a division. Thomières is one of the names inscribed under the Arc de Triomphe on Column 38.

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