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  • Jesús "Jess" Franco was a Spanish film director, writer, composer, cinematographer and actor. Franco started out in 1954 as an assistant director in the Spanish film industry, performing many tasks including composing music for some of the films as well as co-writing a number of the screenplays. He assisted a number of well-known directors such as Joaquin Marchent, Leon Klimovsky and Juan Antonio Bardem. After working on more than 20 films, he decided to get into directing in 1959, making a few musicals and a crime drama called "Red Lips". In 1961, Franco took his producer to a cinema to see the newly-released Hammer horror film The Brides of Dracula and the two decided to get into the horror film genre. His career took off in 1961 with his cult classic The Awful Dr. Orloff, which received wide distribution in the United States and the UK. Franco wrote & directed Orloff, and even supplied some of the music for the film. In the mid-60s, he went on to direct two other horror films, then proceeded to turn out a number of James Bond-like spy thrillers and softcore porn films based on the works of the Marquis de Sade, which remained one of his major themes throughout his life.

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