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  • Jin Kobayashi is a Japanese manga artist. His most famous work so far is School Rumble, which Kobayashi began writing in 2002 to 2008 in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. In an interview with Kaori Shimizu, Kobayashi noted he started writing School Rumble four years previously. The first book was released in 2002, and the interview was taped around the time of the release of the Japanese volume 15. He stated to an audience at Honolulu's 2006 Kawaii Kon convention that he started writing the series because he found the idea of a manga involving a delinquent falling in love interesting. Kobayashi's favorite character, Kenji Harima, is based largely on an amalgam of various friends, although he estimates "about 30%" of Harima is a reflection of himself. However, despite putting most of his personal feelings into the female characters, he stated that Ryuuhei Suga, a minor supporting character, is the most autobiographical.

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