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  • John Carl Buechler is an American writer, actor, director, and producer. Buechler has been involved for the creation of macabre icons in the mainstream of movies. In 1986, Buechler brought to the screen his highly successful, and now cult classic film Troll. His 1988 box office hit FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD, which he not only directed, he also created the eye-popping special effects as well as what many fans and critics agree is THE DEFINITIVE JASON VOORHEES.. Buechler’s work in cinematic monster-making is legendary. His amazing design and visual effects artistry has graced the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film franchise, the HALLOWEEN franchise and multiple other classic horror and visual fantasy films. When he ran the make-up effects department at New World Pictures, 'Roger Corman' called him "...the best in the business..." He was the first person in history to make his way into the director's chair by way of make-up effects superstardom. With over 87 movies and someone who truly goes the entire nine yards, John Carl Buechler has made his name known as an accomplished writer, producer, director and special effects artist.

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