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  • John Theodore Merz was a German British chemist, historian and industrialist. Merz was born in Manchester, England and educated at Göttingen, Heidelberg, and Bonn universities. Merz was Vice-Chairman of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Electric Supply Company, which he founded in 1889. He was also a member of the senate of Durham University. He was chairman of the Tyneside Tramways and Tramroads Company. His mathematical library known as the Merz Collection is held by Newcastle University. It consists of 4000 volumes, including works on philosophy, European history and German Literature. The University's Merz Court was named after the Merz family. Merz was buried in Elswick, St John's Cemetery. His son, Charles Hesterman Merz, was a successful electrical engineer who pioneered the use of high-voltage three-phase AC power distribution in the United Kingdom.

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