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  • Jorey Ramer is Vice President of Corporate Development and a founder of JumpTap. Previously, Mr. Ramer was co-founder of two business units of Trilogy Software, one of the world's largest privately-held software companies, based in Austin, Texas. He was instrumental in co-founding Trilogy's financial services division, the largest unit by revenue within two years, designing the group's first product and implementing its associated marketing strategy. Leveraging this technology, Mr. Ramer and a dedicated team spun off a company that was acquired by Fortune 500 member Marsh McLennan. Following Trilogy, Mr. Ramer created insurance business solutions at Isovia Software, an enterprise wireless applications company acquired by JP Mobile (now part of Good Technology). Most recently, Mr. Ramer managed New England sales for TIBCO Software, rebuilding the dormant region and doubling the company's average revenues from new customers. Mr. Ramer holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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