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  • The Journal of Women's History is an academic journal founded in 1989. It was the first journal devoted exclusively to the field of international women's history. It explores multiple perspectives of feminism rather than promoting a single unifying form. The journal accepts articles from all timeperiods and geographical regions exploring a wide range of themes relating to women, gender, sexuality, and feminisms. The journal is published quarterly by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Circulation is 684 and the average length of an issue is 200 pages. The Journal of Women's History moved from the University of Illinois to Binghamton University in June 2010. At Binghamton University, the Journal is currently under the editorship of Professor Jean Quataert and Professor Leigh Ann Wheeler, with Professor Elisa Camiscioli as the Book Review editor and Professor Benita Roth as an associate editor. In 2010 the Binghamton editorial team shifted to online submissions and peer review through the ScholarOne database.

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