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  • Julia Nikolayevna Voznesenskaya, born on 14 September 1940 in Leningrad, is a Russian author of books with an Orthodox Christian worldview. In 1976 Voznesenskaya was sentenced to four years of exile for Anti-Soviet Propaganda. In 1980 she emigrated to Germany. In 1996-1999 she lived in Lesninsky Russian Orthodox Convent in Chauvincourt-Provemont, Normandy, France. Since 2002 she has lived in Berlin. Her works include The Star Chernobyl, about three sisters involved in the Chernobyl disaster; and her first novel, The Women's Decameron, about ten pregnant women in a maternity ward who are quarantined for ten days and - inspired by The Decameron - decide to tell ten stories each day, about life in 1980s Russia. My Posthumous Adventures is a fictional story of what her heroine experiences after clinical death. She is a laureate of the prizes Orthodox Christian Book of Russia and Alye Parusa. Her book series "The Yulianna" is sometimes classified as anti-Potter since it is a children's series that supports the Christian faith instead of witchcraft and magic.

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