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  • Kim Goody is an English actress, composer, singer and songwriter. One of her earliest stints as a singer was providing backing vocals on Dave Davies' 1983 album Chosen People. She has starred in television shows such as Play Away and No. 73. In 1990, she competed in A Song For Europe to choose the UK song for The Eurovison Song Contest with the song "Sentimental Again". She came third. Sandi Shaw later recorded the song. She wrote the music for The Magic House and the 1994 revival of Rainbow with her husband Alan Coates. As a singer-songwriter she co-wrote the song "In My Car" alongside Ringo Starr. Alongside their composition and publishing company, Goody set up Soho Square Studios audio post-production in 2011. The song "Don't Turn Around", originally recorded by Tina Turner and a hit for both Aswad and Ace of Base in different versions, was also recorded and released by Goody. Alan Coates was, for a while, a member of the backing band for Bucks Fizz, featuring Shelley Preston, as opposed to the earlier incarnation with Jay Aston. Kim Goody also does the voice-over for Bong and Halley on Tiny Planets a childrens show which she also co-wrote the theme song for.

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