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  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka is a science fiction manga series by Fujiko Fujio which ran in the children's magazine Kodomo no Hikari from April 1974, through July 2000. The manga was later made into a 331-episode anime TV series which ran on Fuji TV from March 27, 1988 to June 9, 1996. This series is currently airing on Hungama TV, Disney XD, Cartoon Network Korea, Pogo TV as of 2014. There are many similarities in the makeup and appearance of the main cast to that of Doraemon, which was also created by Fujio. However, the content of the story between the two series are entirely different. The protagonist is a scientific genius grade school boy named Kiteretsu, who has built a companion robot named Korosuke. He frequently travels in time with his friends and Korosuke in the time machine he invented. Kiteretsu is more like Nobita Nobi but Kiteretsu is an intelligent boy, whereas Nobita is a silly, foolish boy and worst in studies. Miyoko is a girl in his neighborhood who is his friend. She is just like Shizuka Minamoto. Tongari, another of his friends, surprisingly happens to share some similar traits of Suneo Honekawa .

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  • キテレツだいひゃっか
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