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  • The Lamian War, or the Hellenic War was fought by a coalition of Greek cities including Athens and the Aetolian League against Macedon and its ally Boeotia. The war ended in a Macedonian victory. In 323 BC, Alexander the Great died leaving the empire to be governed by his generals for his unborn son, Alexander IV. Athens revolted against the control of Macedon and took the opportunity to form a coalition of Greek cities in an attempt to detach Greece from Macedon. The Greek forces commanded by Leosthenes had some initial successes defeating the Boeotians at Plataea before advancing north where at Thermopylae they defeated the Macedonian army of the regent Antipater. The defeated Macedonians fled to Lamia where they were besieged by the Greeks as Antipater waited for reinforcements to arrive from Asia. The success of the Greeks on land was offset by the defeats of the Athenian fleet at the Hellespont and Amorgos by the Macedonian navy. The Macedonians, now with control of the sea were able to transfer troops to Europe. Though the Greeks defeated the Macedonian reinforcements at Rhamnus, the Macedonians were able to leave from Lamia and unite with the remnants of the defeated army.