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  • Larry J. Kolb is the author of two memoirs of his life as an intelligence officer and world-traveling businessman. Prior to his career as an author, Kolb, by his own account, worked as a close advisor to Muhammad Ali and Adnan Khashoggi and as a spy with CIA co-founder Miles Copeland, Jr., with whom he was involved in intrigues in Pakistan, Iran, the Philippines, Nicaragua, and elsewhere, until Kolb was forced to retire to a safehouse in Florida to avoid extradition to India. As Kolb recounts in Overworld, his father was a highly placed U.S. intelligence official, and Kolb grew up in various places around the world, following his father's assignments. Kolb resisted various efforts at recruitment by official intelligence agencies until he was recruited by Copeland. Upon the publication of Overworld, Kolb was again recruited, this time by the Department of Homeland Security, to help investigate two white collar criminals with connections to the CIA. Kolb's investigation of Robert Sensi and Richard Hirschfeld led him to discover and foil a conspiracy to smear the John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign with false links to Al Qaeda.

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