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  • Lasham Airfield is located 3.6 miles north-west of Alton in Hampshire, England, in the village of Lasham. It was built in 1942 and was a RAF Station during the Second World War, many significant operations being flown from it. The RAF ceased operations at Lasham in 1948, but a military aircraft company, General Aircraft Ltd, continued to fly from the airfield. From 1951 the main activity at Lasham airfield became recreational gliding. The airfield is now owned by the largest British gliding club, also one of the world's largest, Lasham Gliding Society. It is also the location for ATC Lasham Ltd, a company that maintains airliners, mainly those made by Boeing. These land at and depart from the airfield purely for maintenance or storage purposes, though their movements have to be co-ordinated with gliding activities. Pilots of powered aircraft visiting the airfield require prior permission and a briefing on its hazards: in particular dense concentrations of thermalling gliders, winch cables up to 3,000 ft above the ground, and occasional movements of large jet airliners. Over-flying aircraft are requested to not fly below 3,618 ft QNH. The airfield frequency is 131.025 MHz.

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