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  • Ladislaus Hunyadi or László Hunyadi was a Hungarian statesman. Ladislaus Hunyadi was the elder of the two sons of John Hunyadi, voivode of Transylvania and later regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, and Elizabeth Szilágyi. He was the older brother of Matthias Hunyadi, who would later became the king of Hungary. At a very early age he accompanied his father in his campaigns. After the battle of Kosovo he was left for a time, as a hostage for his father, in the hands of George Brankovic, despot of Serbia. In 1452 he was a member of the deputation which went to Vienna to receive back the Hungarian king Ladislaus V. In 1453 he was already ban of Croatia and Dalmatia. At the diet of Buda he resigned all his dignities, because of the accusations of Ulrich II of Celje and the other enemies of his house, but a reconciliation was ultimately patched up and he was betrothed to Maria, the daughter of the palatine, Ladislaus Garai.

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