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  • Lime plaster is type of plaster composed of hydrated lime, sand and water. Lime plaster is similar to Lime mortar, the main difference is based on use rather than composition. Traditional lime plaster also contains horse hair for reinforcement. Improvement in the slow curing time of lime plaster, especially in cold and/or wet conditions was done in Roman times by adding volcanic ash to produce hydraulic lime and hydraulic cement. Today, cheaper power station fly ash or other waste products are used to make hydraulic lime plaster or cement instead of volcanic ash. Lime plaster is sold as 'bagged' powder or hydrated lime; or is available as lime putty. Lime putty is generally considered to be more suitable for pure lime application. Non-hydraulic lime is the most commonly used and known lime, also called calcium lime or air lime, as it sets only by reaction with CO 2 in the air and will not set until dry. This causes limitations in construction use as the lime can remain soft for months or years. Non-hydraulic lime can only set through carbonatation. Hydraulic lime and hydrated lime must not be confused.