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  • Little Gamers is a webcomic made by Christian Fundin and Pontus Madsen. It began on December 1, 2000. The cartoon series revolves around Christian, Pontus and a friend of theirs called Marcus; their friends, girlfriends, life events, and mostly, video games. Special strips are sometimes released during certain news events, etc. On occasion, a small storyline is introduced, mostly using fictional characters. Also, there are some occasions where the cartoons are drawn by other webcomic artists. There was also a short-lived Little Gamers Macguardians Edition with a Mac-Theme. The characters are drawn, as described in their second comic, to be "bastard children of Hello Kitty and Bomberman." Arguably, Little Gamers, together with Megatokyo and other webcomics, helped immensely in popularizing the use of leet speak. This comic and its authors poke fun at people who poke fun at them. About the comic and its storylines, Pontus Madsen says: "I personally don't see LG as a webcomic, since we have no '2 months ahead of schedule in comics and storylines'.. I see it more as a blog, about what happens in our lives, and exaggerated to be a bit more fun than cnn.