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  • Luxembourgian Americans, also known as Luxembourg Americans, are Americans of Luxembourgish ancestry. According to the United States' 2000 Census, there are 45,139 Americans of full or partial Luxembourgish descent. However, demographers regard this as an undercount, as the index of inconsistency is high, and many, if not most, people from Luxembourgish ancestry have a tendency to identify simply as Americans or, if of mixed European ancestry, nominate a more recent and differentiated ethnic group. In 1940 the number of Americans with Luxembourgish ancestry was around 100,000. The first families from Luxembourg arrived in the United States, at least, in 1842, fleeing of the overpopulation and economic change. This first families worked in the field, as was traditional in their country. Luxembourg Americans are overwhelmingly concentrated in the Midwest, where most originally settled in the nineteenth century. At the 2000 Census, the states with the largest self-reported Luxembourg American populations are Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and California.

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