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  • Mahat is an ekthariya Chhetri surname of Nepal, having a Khasa root. Historically, one of the Jumli Malla kings in medieval times made his younger brother Dharma Malla chief of army staffs, entitling him as MAHAT. Afterwards, his descendants started writing Mahat as their surnames. Like other Khasa chhetris such as Thapa, Basnyat, Karki, Khadka, Rawat etc., Mahats are also Masta, local non-vedic deity of Karnali region, worshipers. Among twelve Mastas, Khaapar Masta is their kuldevata. Since Khasa Chhetris are referred by the place they originated in the past, Mahats are also called as Kalikote Mahat. So, Mahats can be referred as Malla having distinct identity of bravery. Mahats are an integral part of the Nepalese Army from the time of the Shah kings. Even today, many people with the Mahat surname serve in the Nepal Army as well as in India and USA in different designations, both high officers and non-officers, among them are serving in bank, remittance, INGOS, Hospitals etc. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census. Mahat had a population of 4240 people living in 799 individual households. The most prominent population of Mahat can be seen in Mahat gaun of Jumla.

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