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  • Mercedes Browning is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Jennifer Metcalfe. She debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 19 June 2006 as the first character to be introduced to the serial by series producer, Bryan Kirkwood. In 2008 Metcalfe feared that the character was to be axed but was later reassured by the series producer that she would not be. Metcalfe later stated her itention to stay with the serial. Mercedes is part of the McQueen family and is the longest serving McQueen on the serial Mercedes is described as a "savvy, ballsy girl that can't say no and is unapologetic about it". She is played as a having moments of happiness which she ruins for herself and as managing to justify "whatever she does that's bad". Throughout her time on the serial Mercedes storylines have centred on her relationships. These include her marriages to Russ Owen and Malachy Fisher, the latter saw her involved in an HIV storyline, and an engagement to Riley Costello. She has also been central to several affairs which included Calvin Valentine, her sister's husband, and Riley's father Carl. Following the revelation of her affair with Carl on her wedding day to Riley Mercedes was at the centre of a kidnapping storyline when she was held against her will by Riley's grandfather serial killer Silas Blissett before going into labour, giving birth to a boy as a result of the stress. Following her ordeal Mercedes briefly turned to prostitution. When Mitzeee grows close to Riley, Mercedes begins to stalk her. During the culmination of the plot, in "pure desperation" Mercedes stabs herself and Mitzeee is blamed. Mercedes friend, Lynsey Nolan, discovers Mercedes' stalking of Mitzeee and stabbing of herself. Lynsey is later murdered in a whodunit storyline with Mercedes becoming a suspect in her murder. It is later revealed Mercedes' partner Doctor Browning killed Lynsey to protect Mercedes and in October 2013, Mercedes, Cindy Cunningham & Lindsey Butterfield attacked, murdered and covered up the murder of Browning. Wikipedia