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  • Most Beloved or Beloved is a Cantopop album by Leslie Cheung released in 1995 after a long personal struggle between deciding to make a comeback or to make good his retirement vow. It was also his first album with Rock Records. It marked the milestone of another chapter of Leslie Cheung's career as it was his first album after supposedly retiring from the music world 6 years before, at the height of his career. Popular tracks included '一辈子失去了你' and '夜半歌声' which is the main theme song of the movie The Phantom Lover, '何去何从之阿飞正传' which is the theme song of the movie Days of Being Wild, '当爱已成往事' from the movie Farewell My Concubine, '今生今世', '追' both of which are theme songs from the movie He's a Woman, She's a Man and also the song 红颜白发 The Bride With White Hair drawn from the film of the same name.

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