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  • Movie Tome was the sister site for TV Tome, now the CNET website Whereas TV Tome had TV shows and people pages, Movie Tome had movie guides. The website was created no later than August 2003 by John Nestoriak III, and was owned by Collaborative Content, LLC which was acquired by CNET in January 2005. Nestoriak continued to manage the site until early 2007, however. Movie Tome had six general forums in addition to a forum for each movie. The forums were About Movie Tome, In Theaters, On Video, In The Art House, Classic Movies and The Movie Industry. Each movie information page at Movie Tome included cast, crew, synopsis, notes, quotes, goofs, links, and a forum for discussion of the movie. There was also the ability to rate a movie from 1 to 10, the average vote being displayed on the left side of the guide, as well a link to reviews for the movie. Titles were added by users, and an individual user could request data manager status for titles he/she was interested in preserving from error or vandalism. The majority of titles on the site were of recent vintage, however, with a wide smattering of pre-2000 titles, largely American.