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  • Murga is a stress position used as a corporal punishment in parts of South Asia. It is used primarily in educational institutions. Occasionally, it is also used by the police as a punishment for petty crimes and eve teasing, usually administered in public view. The word murga means rooster in Hindi and Urdu Language. The punished person takes a position resembling that of a rooster, by squatting and then looping the arms behind the knees and firmly holding the ears. Having to hold the ears is what makes it extremely painful more than any other corporal punishment. It can become very painful after a few minutes. Over the years, corporal punishment has been banned in schools in Pakistan and although caning is still frequent, the Murga punishment is now rarely, if ever, used. Although Murga Punishment is usually applied on boys, but sometimes it is also used for girls. One of the famous Pakistani singer Annie Khalid claimed that she was given this punishment by her husband while she was tortured. In one state of Indian Punjab, a girls' school principal was suspended when someone from the school leaked out pictures of girls punished with Murga on school grounds.