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  • "The fascinating life of Michel Vajour, perpetrator of France's most audacious prison escapes, told in his own words. A snippet from mid-80s television shows a daring escape – a prisoner snatched from a Paris prison roof by a helicopter piloted by his wife. Although this reads like the stuff of fiction, it is in fact simply the best known of five audacious escapes made by former thief and mobster Michel Vaujour. Born into a background of limited prospects, a life of crime came early to Vaujour. In total he spent 27 years in jail, 17 of them in solitary confinement, but throughout his prison life, he repeatedly tried to break for freedom. Undeniably dramatic and newsworthy though the escapes were, documentary filmmaker Fabienne Godet devotes at least as much attention to other concerns – Vaujour's relationship with his family; his close friendship with his partner-in-crime; his ability to withstand years of isolation; and the self-awareness that provided the most hard-won freedom of all. Vaujour's story is fascinating, and as told in his own words to camera, moving and troubling too." Quoting Sandra Hebron

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