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  • The National Language Service Corps is a nonprofit civilian organization administererd by the U.S. federal government. The mission of the NLSC is to recruit a readily-available pool of individuals who have expertise in languages that are important to the security and welfare of the nation. The NLSC provides certification to qualified individuals as part of its enrollment process. Its members must be US citizens who are at least 18 years-old. NLSC members voluntarily join and renew their membership in an organization that both considers and adopts the best practices of volunteer organizations. While the pilot program has addressed a smaller subset of languages, the fully implemented NLSC will include an array of languages, perhaps more than 150. Still, the specific priorities and needs of agencies within the USG will ultimately determine the number of NLSC members associated with each language. The NLSC conducts assessments and certifies the language-skill proficiency level of its members. This responsibility includes conducting performance-based testing which leverages available resources for testing languages of interest, as the central component of the certification process.

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