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  • The Nematocera are a suborder of elongated flies with thin, segmented antennae and mostly aquatic larvae, consisting of the mosquitoes, crane flies, gnats, black flies, and midges. Nematocera are typically characterized by filamentous, multisegmented antennae which may be plumose in some males. The Nematocera are a paraphyletic suborder, because one of its constituent families is apparently a sister taxon to the entire suborder Brachycera; an alternative classification has been proposed in which the family Nymphomyiidae is removed to its own suborder, the Archidiptera, and all the remaining nematoceran families are placed in a suborder called Eudiptera; however, the Eudiptera are also paraphyletic, and this classification has not been widely accepted. Largely due to its long history, the name Nematocera continues to be used. Examples of the Nematocera include the mosquitoes, crane flies and black flies. Many of the remaining families, are called gnats, while others are called midges.

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