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  • Neve and Gliz are the official mascots of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, created by Pedro Albuquerque. They both represent the characteristics of the Winter Games, including "Snow and Ice". Neve is a humanized female snowball that wears red and represents "softness, friendship and elegance." Gliz is a humanized male ice cube who wears blue and represents "enthusiasm and joy." For the election of the official mascots of the 2006 Winter Games, the Organizing Committee of the Winter Games conducted a contest to which 237 proposals were submitted before closure of the nominations on May 20, 2003. Of these candidates, five came to the final round in which they were evaluated by an international jury selected by TOROC. The election was subsequently ratified by the Presidential Committee of TOROC. Finally, the winners, Albuquerque's "Neve and Gliz," were submitted on September 28, 2004. For the 2006 Winter Paralympic Games, TOROC subsequently requested Albuquerque for the creation of a new mascot along the creative lines of Neve and Gliz.